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With our range of services, we’re sure to be able to cater to whatever security needs you have. Regardless of whether you’re needing support with a one-off event, ongoing security, or assistance with proactive security planning, our team of professionals can handle it for you.

Event Security

We offer a full event security service which includes everything that you need to ensure that your guests can have a safe and pleasant time. Whether it’s something small and intimate, or something large-scale with hundreds or even thousands of attendees, we have you covered. We provide crowd control and management, ingress and egress screening to prevent theft or the bringing in of prohibited items, and can respond to any incidents as necessary.

As well as the know-how to keep your attendees safe, we also understand that we may be acting as one of their main points of contact. This is why we also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, dealing positively and proactively with any requests or inquiries they make. It doesn’t matter whether it’s questions about the venue or concerns about their health or safety, we have them, and you, covered.

Unarmed Security

Whilst some situations can definitely call for armed security, the majority of security needs can be handled just as well or even better by employing an unarmed service. Our unarmed personnel are experts in controlling and de-escalating situations when needed, as well as providing any tenants, customers, or patrons with a reassuring presence.

Unarmed staff are perfect for checking tickets and identification at the entrance to your premises or event, controlling and directing crowds in a firm and non-threatening manner, and generally keeping everything safe, secure, and how it should be. Our staff are also trained in observation and detection, meaning that they can identify threats and issues before they happen, and report them as appropriate so they can be handled quickly and safely with a minimum of fuss.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment should be about much more than just ticking boxes. Comprehensive risk assessment is an essential part of ensuring that your security needs are met, both in the short and long term. That is why we provide a thorough assessment procedure that is tailored to your individual needs and comes complete with practical recommendations.

Our risk assessments cover everything from identifying vulnerabilities with your premises, noting the various workplace threats, and assessing the risks posed by inappropriate crowd management. For every risk and threat identified, we will assess the severity and likelihood and provide details of how they can be mitigated to an acceptable level. We can also provide a full assessment of your current risk management processes, identifying and rectifying any deficiencies they may have.

Bar and Nightclub Security

It is essential that security staff working at bars and nightclubs are able to fill multiple roles simultaneously in order to keep everything running smoothly for you and your patrons. That’s why we can take care of everything from who gets through the doors to responding to any issues that arise calmly and efficiently, so that your customers can carry on enjoying their night and your business can continue with a minimum of disruption.

Our fully trained and licensed staff can do everything from verifying IDs on entry to monitoring the establishment, keeping your patrons and property as safe as possible. Whilst there are still no guarantees that there won’t be an incident in such a dynamic environment, you can be sure that if there is, we’ll respond to it quickly and effectively, keeping you and your clientele safe and happy.

Retail / Residential Property Security

Safety and security will always be amongst the top priorities for those who own or manage retail and residential property, but it doesn’t need to be a cause for stress or additional work on your part. When you engage our services, you get the professional support you need to keep your property and your tenants safe and happy.

We can provide full round-the-clock security if that is what’s required, operating both during the day to ensure that your customers or tenants feel happy and safe while in your establishment, and whilst closed to further safeguard your venue.

Security Planning

Planning is a crucial part of putting on any event, and that includes security planning. Having comprehensive safety and security event plans in place not only ensures you comply with all legal requirements, but protects you, your property, and your attendees.

We will discuss the event with you to get a full understanding of your event and venue, then we will draw up a detailed plan to keep everything running safely and smoothly. This includes planning for ingress and egress, both in terms of making sure crowds are controlled and performing any necessary identification, ticket, and security checks, but also making sure that procedures are in place for emergency response when needed. We’ll also address any risks and threats, including those which may be unique to your particular event, and can assist with implementation in advance and on the day as needed.

Event Management

Our services extend to full event management. By entrusting this responsibility to us, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is in the safest possible hands, whilst also having more time to focus on your priorities and what you do best.

This will also allow us to implement our highest standards of security monitoring, as we ensure everything about your event runs smoothly and rapidly adjust to any changes that you require. We understand that you may have other safety and security personnel, either in-house or from another security firm. If that is the case, we will be more than happy to direct them as we work together to provide you with the best possible security solution.



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